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Creating Wonderful Childhood Memories!

At Fable and Fawn, we are dedicated to transforming children's spaces into enchanting environments that do more than just stimulate young imaginations— they also foster magical moments and create lasting memories!

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Our carefully designed wall decals and wallpapers are crafted with beautiful, modern colourways, seamlessly blending into your home's aesthetic while perfectly capturing popular childhood themes.

Neutral Wallpaper

Discover our high-quality, glue-free, and easy-to-reposition neutral wallpapers. Suitable for any room, our fabric products allow for mess-free installation and endless design possibilities. Shop dainty floral wallpaper designs, minimalist jungle themes + more, and transform your space effortlessly!

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Gentle on Walls Free of Nasty Chemicals Safer for Your Baby, Your Home, and the Environment. Gentle on Walls Free of Nasty Chemicals Safer for Your Baby, Your Home, and the Environment.       

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About our Products

Quality Matters!

Our business is driven by a simple yet profound value: we create products we'd proudly have in our own children's spaces.

Quality is the essence of our designs. Crafted from eco-friendly 100% polyester fabric materials and printed with water-based inks, our highest-quality removable wallpapers and wall decals are built to endure without ripping, wrinkling, or shrinking.

Our modern designs harmonise seamlessly with your home's aesthetic while transforming your child's room into a haven they adore for sleep and play.

Our customers consistently praise the superior quality of our products, and their feedback is what drives us to keep this family bsiness alive.

No Glue, No Mess, No Damage

Worried about wall damage? Fear not! Our 100% fabric, self-adhesive wallpapers and wall decals are designed for easy removal without damaging your walls. No residue, no hassle.

Greener Choices for Brighter Futures

At Fable & Fawn, we're dedicated to eco-conscious choices that ensure a brighter future. Our products go the extra mile for the environment.

Our wall decals are biodegradable over time when disposed of, and unlike vinyl wall decals, significantly reducing the breakdown of tiny plastics into our soil and oceans.

When you choose us, you're making a greener choice that makes a positive impact on the planet.

Easy DIY Installation

Featuring a low-tack self-adhesive backing, our products offer effortless DIY installation. Just peel and stick to achieve stunning results. And here's a handy tip: be sure to retain your backing sheet! It allows you to seamlessly transfer wall decals from a birthday party to your child's room or relocate them to a new home whenever you move.

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Have a unique vision in mind? Explore our custom order options. Reach out to us at for personalised recommendations and sizing advice for your next project.