Australian Animal Wall Decals

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Bring nature into your child's bedroom with our Australian Animal Wall Decals! Decorate your walls with their sweet little scurrying feet, by placing the animals above your little one's cupboard, or amongst our tree and shrub wall stickers. 

Our Australian animals wall stickers are made of a beautiful non-toxic fabric that is safe for children's rooms and the environment.

         ** Kids Wallpaper and Wall Decals Australia & Worldwide **


    • Dingo 34cm H x 19cm W
    • Wombat 30cm H x 21cm W
    • Echidna 19cm H x 31cm W
    • Kookaburra 40cm H x 17cm W
    • Koala 40.5cm H x 29cm W
    • Kangaroo and Joey 53.5cm H x 48cm W
    • Platypus 23.8cm H x 31cm W