About our Products

Highest Quality Removable Wallpapers & Wall Decals

When you purchase from us you can be sure you’re buying the highest quality fabric products with no nasty vinyl in site! Our removable wall decals and wallpapers are classified as Green (Non toxic) products, that contain no dangerous chemicals like those found in cheaper vinyl wall decal stickers. We only use environmentally friendly products that are biodegradable over time when disposed of, and print with water based inks to reduce our carbon footprint.

Designs The Whole Family Will Love!

Our collection of stick on wall art can be used for living room decoration or as a wallpaper for feature wall within your bedroom or kids room. Alternatively, if you’re looking for room ideas for a kids play area, baby room, childrens bedroom or new nursery, our removable wall paper can add a gorgeous backdrop that will transform any room from bland to grand. You can also use our wall paper stickers to create the illusion of wallpaper, by evenly spacing the decal sticker across your walls, to create a lush or minimalist wallpaper effect. 

Removable wall stickers allow your children’s imagination to explore the wilderness and bring nature into their rooms with animals, towering gumtrees and pretty florals. Stomp through the jungle with dinosaur wall decals or float through the sky with hot air balloons, planes and whimsical rainbows. If fairies and construction wall decals aren’t your thing, then we have minimalist dome, bed head and arch wall decals, half wall wallpapers, murals and custom wall stickers decals.  

No Glue, No Mess, No Damage!

People often wonder are wall decals removable. Unfortunately, not all products are made equally, with vinyl products ripping and often damaging walls when removed. That is why we only offer 100% fabric, self adhesive wallpaper & decoration stickers


We only use the best 100% polyester fabric materials, with water-based inks. Our products won't rip or wrinkle, pulling apart if folded over. Additionally they will not curl or shrink in climate variations.

Green (Non-Toxic)

We use no dangerous chemicals, you wont find nasty vinyls here! Meaning safer for your children & the environment! 

Easy DIY Installation

With a low tack self-adhesive back your walls are safe, just peel & stick! 

If you’re looking for wall decals or wallpapers in Australia with worldwide shipping and excellent customer service, we can help! Cant find what you’re looking for? We are always happy to assist, simply email us at admin@fableandfawn.com.au and we will do our best to provide you with recommendations and sizing advice for your next project.