The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Walls With Decals

Decals are a great and affordable way to add personality and style to any room. From words of inspiration to beautiful landscapes and animal wall decal scenes, there’s an array of wall decals to choose from at Fable and Fawn. Find out how to choose the right decal, what types you should pick, and how best to install them on your walls with our helpful guide.

Research Different Types of Decals.

Before you start shopping for wall decals, research the different types to get an idea of the products you're purchasing for your space. For example, vinyl decals, whilst cheaper, contain nasty toxic chemicals which affect the air your child breathes and are not environmentally friendly products. Other products, such as fabric wall decals offer a more high-end look and are made of 100% fabric that is non-toxic and a safer product for your home, the air your little one breathes, and the environment; due to its biodegradable nature when composted.

Fabric wall decals may be slightly more expensive than vinyl, however, they're easier to apply and remove than traditional decals as their low-tack backing means you can remove and reposition them if needed, without damaging your walls. As well as this, fabric wall decals are resistant to any tearing or ripping, they add texture and colour and can be applied directly onto textured walls without the worry of ghosting - a term used to describe how the glue of a traditional matt vinyl decal shows through the design on certain textures.

Determine What You Want to Achieve.

Wall decals are an excellent way to instantly transform your child’s playroom, bedroom or nursery, and can bring your bedroom or nursery decor to life! To help this along, its important to think about the overall look you're wanting to achieve; consider the colours and patterns that match your bedroom or existing nursery decor, as well as elements of the room that could be enhanced with these decals for walls.

Additionally, think about how much of an impact you would like to make. If you're looking for a subtle addition, consider smaller decals that can be arranged in a pattern to create a wallpaper aesthetic. For a more eye-catching piece, go bigger and bolder with murals or arch wall decals. Once you have a better idea of what you want to achieve, it's time to start shopping for wall decals!

Creating the Perfect Room!

After settling on the perfect decals, now comes the fun part! Installing wall decals is easy and requires no specialised tools or supplies. All you need is a clean flat surface and your decal! When you have everything lined up correctly and all bubbles have been worked out of the fabric decals, then you can enjoy your newly designed wall space. And if you get the positioning wrong and need to move your decals, no problem! Simply pull away from the wall and re-stick your decals in your desired position to finish off your room makeover.

If you’re ready to create beautiful spaces that your child will love and you will secretly love more, visit us at Fable and Fawn to view our range of decals for walls offered in modern concepts and colour-ways. 

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